Guest Article Guidelines

A few people have asked whether I accept guest articles on International Social Media.

The short answer is: Yes, I do accept guest articles. And I am currently willing to post one guest article a week.  These guest articles will be published on Thursdays.

Here are the guidelines:

Article Guidelines

  • Any aspect of international social media.
  • Articles will usually be longer than 600 words.
  • Your article must be original content. This means it has never been published before online.
  • You agree to not publish this content anywhere else for at least 2 weeks following the publication date on this website.
  • You can include two links in the author bio which will be at the bottom of your article.
  • All links within your article are subject to approval. They must not be promotional or self serving links and must provide value to the article.
  • You accept that I may modify your article slightly, without changing its meaning, to better suit this website.

How To Submit Your Guest Article

Do you have an original article on international social media?

Then email your finished article to I will get back to you, usually within 48 hours, informing you whether your article is accepted or not.

Submission and acceptance of your article means that you agree to not publish this article elsewhere for two weeks after publication date.

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Cindy King