My name is Cindy King. I am an independent consultant based in France, helping clients make more develop their international business through social media marketing.  My core areas of expertise are:

  • Communicating effectively across a broad international audience
  • Helping different cultures connect with North American audiences using social media

But my skills are also useful to:

  • Connect with a multicultural audience within any English speaking environment
  • Create social media tactics for specific business goals

Here are the 2 main social media services I offer:

Social Media Launch Plan

What you get: Your Social Media Launch Plan shows you how to start using social media to develop your business. A personalized social media blue print which tells you exactly what you need to do to achieve the business goals you want out of social  media.

How it works: First you fill in a questionnaire, then I do some research.  Next we spend about an hour on the phone where I will ask more questions.

After this I go back and do some more work.  In a few days you get your Social Media Launch Plan and we go over this in detail in another hour on the phone.  You will know exactly what to do and how to spend the time you have.

How much it costs: €250 – this is just over $300 depending on the current exchange rates.

Social Media Launch Manager

Some businesses need a little help in adjusting to the social environment of social media.

What you get: I help businesses to implement their Social Business Launch Plan.  I make sure their social media tactics are focused on their business objectives. You need to participate in social media for your business to obtain real business benefits. My role is only to get you started on the right track. And I make sure you know how to use social media well to develop your business.

How it works: This is a hands on job after you have the Social Business Launch Plan.  Most businesses need 6 months to adapt to learn how to use social media and integrate it into their current marketing plans. Some businesses may need up to 12 months depending on the complexity involved. There is a 6 month minimum engagement and during this time:

  • I monitor everything you do and give you feedback my email.
  • You have email access to me throughout normal business hours.
  • You and I spend an hour on the phone each week to go over your social media marketing actions and how these correspond to your business objectives and how to integrate social media further into your overall marketing plan.

I’m also available to provide additional content creation services and web marketing services as required.

How much it costs: €1000 per month, with a minimum engagement of 6 months.

Other Social Media Services

  • Business Content & Blogging – I write social media optimized web content for businesses. This can be through a business blog or website. I write content for specific business goals and to stimulate feedback to move these business goals forward. I write to optimize visibility, SEO & real engagement.  I work with management to repurpose the content they already have and I include social media marketing for buzz and traffic.
  • Content Plans for Twitter & Social Media Updates – for strategic content to give your social media presence the right business focus

Additional Web Marketing Services

  • International Critiques - to analyze web copy for good cross-cultural communication.  For example, I point out how American style testimonials can destroy trust in some cultures.
  • International English Copywriting – copywriting for a broad international audience – in English only.
  • Product Launch Manager – as a member of Jeff Walker’s current Product Launch Manager program I am available to carry out small product launches and I also work with other Product Launch Managers on bigger product launches.
  • WishList Membership Sites – I enjoy using this WordPress plugin to market to and create dynamic online communities.

Please ask me if you have any questions.

My Business Network

My marketing skills are tailored for international markets.  When needed, I work with a hand-selected team of both American and British copywriters, and coordinate with international clients to provide content such as this for either their American or British markets:

  • Articles
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Web copy

And of course, I also have a my favorite selection of other service providers ranging from graphic designers to international business developers to work on bigger projects.

Here is some more background on my cross-cultural and international skills applied to the services I offer.

My Cross-Cultural Skills

For international clients – Do you have a complex international project? Does it feel like a cross-cultural minefield? Has one of those cross-cultural bloopers already happened and you need help now? As an international project coordinator I can help you avoid and get beyond cross-cultural blunders to improve international sales opportunities.

For non-native English speakers – Are you afraid of not transmitting the right message to your English speaking audience?  I know how to avoid areas of difficulties in cross-cultural communication and take the time to get the right voice and the right message in English.

For French and German businesses – Do you want an online presence in English?  Do you want your name on the first page of a Google search?  I transform content in French or German into English to use on social media platforms to reach English speaking audiences.

My International Business Skills

To complete the picture, here are the areas of my core expertise acquired over 25 years in field experience:

  • International marketing
  • International sales
  • International business development

My most valuable skills are:

  • Cross-cultural skills applied to business and to develop international sales guides, the key to opening new foreign markets
  • International sales crisis resolution – when others screw up international business deals and think all is lost, they come looking for me.
  • International negotiation by phone – I don’t know why, but I’m very good at connecting with people on the phone too.

My Web Marketing Skills

Over the last few years I’ve developed a new series of skills to promote my own business online:

  • Copywriting – direct response, web copy, SEO copywriting
  • Web marketing
  • Social media skills

Why I’m Good At What I Do

When I implemented the first international web marketing plan for my own business I was a little surprised at how well it worked.  My marketing skills are good and I have a good business sense, but I didn’t expect to get my web marketing strategy right the first time round.  I expected it to take some adjustment. But I was wrong my first web marketing plan worked very well. The businesses I wanted to reach found me online and contacted me for help.

What really surprised me though, was when I noticed how my core skills in international business helped me create strong social media strategies. With a little thought, it does make sense.  In international business you learn to:

  • Stay focused on your business goals, while being flexible to adapt to different surroundings and still being effective in accomplishing your goal.  Yes, this kind of multitasking is vital in international business.
  • Minimize the risk inherent to investing in unknown territories and constantly monitor what you need to control this risk
  • Acquire the right communication skills and adapt your message to fit into different environments

Let’s Talk

Interested in going further? Drop me an email at with your name, company name and Skype ID if you have one.

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Cindy King

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